Sanskrit Interview of Shri Nityanand Mishra, Vice President, Citi Group


Elegance of innovation is in mind, joy of creation in heart!

Elegance of innovation is in mind, joy of creation in heart!

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis, a phenomenon that fascinated me for long since I learned about it in schools.

Lockless bank

Lockless’ branch at Shani Shingnapur in Maharashtra

Incredible brilliance; shall we say gift of God?

I could not believe my eyes when I saw/heard this first. Yes, in this age of technology, I have learned not to trust my eyes and ears. Therefore, I searched around to check if this is real. I realize that “yes, it is‘.

What is more? Prodigy is getting the due recognition as well in India. That is important because skill and effort requires acknowledgement. A rare happening in itself.

The world’s oldest living things

Man lives in the world as if he is the centre of universe but mysteries of this big world is fascinating; much more fascinating than political manipulations and exhausting rat race of daily life. But in the rush to make life better, more enjoyable, he misses the beauty of nature’s offering, with hardly any time to pause, observe and reflect

Watch interesting presentation on the world’s oldest living things. Perhaps, this video shows us what we miss …

Is it not worthwhile to pause, watch and enjoy minute details of the world?

White elephant

Report of rare white elephant being found in the jungles of north-west Burma,